Charlotte, NC

Heartland Payment Services is a Fortune 1000 payment processing company started by Bob Carr. ICI and Randi Koss have had the pleasure to work with Heartland for over 15 years, furnishing 2 of their Princeton, NJ offices, their Chicago offices and recently their Charlotte, NC offices, formerly XPIENT Solutions, which Heartland acquired.

Their Charlotte facility is approx. 35,000SF on 2 floors. ICI worked with LS3P Architects in Charlotte, to develop the furniture solutions and finishes that would work best the client. Products used were Teknion Optos Wall Systems, 125 – Teknion Leverage Workstations, 30 – Teknion Expansion Offices, Height adjustable tables for all workstations and most offices, multiple conference rooms, modular cabinetry, Teknion Studio Seating, Hon Seating and many more manufacturers.

Randi and the ICI Team spent many days in Charlotte meeting with the client and architect and supervising the installation. Randi is now working on their expansion and will be traveling again soon.