Big East Headquarters


Big East Conference
New York City

It really was no surprise that The Big East Conference wanted to move their Headquarters to Manhattan.  After all , they’ve been holding the Big East Basketball Championships there for decades.  It should also come as no surprise that when it came time to furnish the new space, the competition was fierce.

With Gensler New York providing the design and Gardiner and Theobold Project Managers acting as referee, several furniture dealers competed for the contract.  In the end, It was ICI  Furniture who was left standing while others, larger and more well known, fell by the sidelines.

Taking over a project that was over budget, ICI offered products that brought the project back within expectations without sacrificing Gensler’s design vision.  And with the move-in date fast approaching, ICI put on a full court press to finish the installation without a punch list.

And the Crowd Roared!!