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Modular Office Walls

Open space, cubicles, privacy….these are all questions that are part of the conversation when thinking about how to setup and build out your office space. 

The next question is cost and productivity for your organization. Which will be best?

Modular wall systems offer numerous advantages to conventional construction. This is an economical solution and is flexible. A modular wall system can be built quickly and much faster than traditional construction.

Modular office walls will help you design a custom work space for your staff, while also creating functional workspace that is flexible for your company’s growth. ICI can provide you a design, and do the placement and planning for you.  

Teknion Modular Walls that ICI can offer include:

  • Teknion  Altos – project a clean modern aesthetic while providing space division with fascia that are reconfigurable. The walls can reach a height of 12 feet and door options are available. Multiple fascia are available (laminate, veneer, glass and fabrics with thin anodized frames).
  • Teknion Optos – is a glass wall system utilizing single pane glass providing a sophisticated functional aesthetic atmosphere. The walls in this system can reach a height of 10 feet and a soft close door can be added.



Manufactured Casework

Modular cabinets can be designed to offer three types of storage – wall cabinets, base cabinets and storage cabinets.  This system of cabinetry provides a built-in custom look.

Great for custom applications such as:

  • Corporate
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Government/Public Facilities



Custom Millwork

Custom Designs Tailored to Fit Your Company’s Needs

 ICI Mill work is any type of custom designed and built furniture, usually built-in, finished woodwork, cabinetry, and carving. Generally all building materials are made of finished wood or laminate and manufactured in millwork plants. Mill work can include includes all doors, window and door frames, blinds, mantels, panel work, stairway components (balusters, rail, etc.), moldings, reception desks, cabinetry, wall applications, teller stations and interior trim. Mill work does not include flooring, ceiling, or siding. ICI specializes in producing custom laminate and wood designs in an array of styles ranging from modern angular designs that showcase clean lines of metal reveal strips, to post-modern Georgian-Victorian pieces featuring traditional OG coves. Whether the job requires a new design or just resurfacing work, ICI can help customize any interior to produce a form and functionality tailored to your needs and accommodate specific company requirements that manufactures are unable to do.

Window Treatments

At ICI, form and function are inseparable. Well-designed window fashions do more than simply cover a window. Great design is beautiful to live with, provides variable light control, and insulates rooms as the season change, while saving energy. Window treatments also protect your furniture from damaging UV rays, and even absorbs sound, improving the acoustics in a room.

Sound Masking

Sound masking is electronically generated low background sound that will mask conversational and unwanted background noise at the listener’s ear.


Soundmasking reduces conversational distractions in order to increase concentration, productivity, and accuracy. In private offices or healthcare facilities, sound masking increases speech privacy to retain the confidentiality of conversations. Installation of soundmasking also masks the sounds of office equipment, building systems, and exterior noise.


Where can sound masking be used?

Open plan areas, private offices, corridors, call centers, conference rooms, healthcare facilities, and any area where confidential information is being discussed.

Some office buildings can have soundmasking all throughout, or only on certain floors, portions of floors, or specific rooms. The system can be designed to work more heavily in some areas and less in others. It can be used to minimize distractions in one large open room located next to an executive conference room, where it is used to protect confidentiality.



Sound Masking is a low cost item and is priced based on the ceiling heights and the amount of people per square foot.


Return on Investment

The return on investment is higher due to the increased productivity, accuracy, and concentration among listeners. The sound masking system is also portable, therefore it can be moved to a new space, if need be.



The sound masking speakers are typically installed above suspended ceilings. There are also sound masking speakers available for those who do not have suspended ceilings.


HIPAA Regulations

This regulation states that as of April 2003, healthcare providers, doctors offices, employers, vendors, service organizations, medical schools, health care plans, and those who conduct administrative and financial transactions through oral communication, must keep personal information concealed.

Sound Masking aids in the speech privacy for waiting rooms, exam rooms, patient rooms, treatment rooms, interview rooms, reception areas, nurses stations, and open areas.


Radius of Distraction

The distance required between employees to achieve acceptable speech privacy in an open plan. Typically in an unfinished space, there is about 50 feet of distractable space, but with sound masking this level of distraction can be lowered to as little as 11 feet.

Contact us to find out how your organization can benefit from soundmasking.



Office Accessories

ICI can help you with the additional touch needed after your office space has been remodeled or you are looking to refresh your space with new office accessories. ICI can help you select office accessories that provide a functional style to your workspace and make your office organized.

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